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On this website, we found everything we needed to know about the greehouse effect, which is the main cause of global warming. It explained what the greenhouse effect was, what causes it, and how it has an affect of global warming. It was really useful for the parts where we had to describe how the human papolation has a great contribition to global warming and why this is so.

We liked this website because it had to do with how animals are affected by global warming. This was important because our main focus was habitat destruction, which is the effects global warming has on the animals and their homes. It focused on the melting of the ice masses in the poles and how animals like polar bears are effected by the disappearing ice: they are losing their homes.

This website was helpful because it explained the need for new alternative energy sources. As a lot of us know, fossil fuels are the main source of our energy in the United States, but it emits co2. On this website, it explains the different alternative energies, how they work, what they use for power, and how “green” they are. This website is mainly about wind energy, but it gives you a good idea about how the other energy sources such as solar power and hydroelectric power work as well.

The information we found on this site was about fuel efficient cars and the environment. It discusses how important hybrid cars can be and how helpful they are to the Earth and us as well. It shows the comparisons between different types of cars and how a car that gets 10 mpg isn’t as good as one that gets 30 or 40 mpg. It also gives information on how non-fuel efficient cars can really damage the environment by the pollution and co2 emissions they give. One other thing is shows is how you can come to buy a newer fuel efficient car.

Just like some of the other websites, this one had information on the greenhouse gasses. It talked about how they are the main cause of global warming, but it focused more on hoe they come from power plants and factories. It shows how by using a lot of electricity, we can be increasing global warming because of the power plants that generate the electricity. These plants emit co2 from the fossil fuels used to supply us with electricity and power. It informs us how using less energy and having a “green” home can help reduce co2 emissions.

On this website, we found the information about recycling and how it helps the environment. It mainly talks about recycling paper products and how that can help reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses emitted into the air. It talks about how important this step is, even though it doesn’t seem it and how it’s so easy to do. It also suggests that by starting to recycle, we can be inspired to start doing bigger things to help stop global warming.

This site is all about the coral reefs. It’s all about how they are being affected from global warming. It tells you how they are being bleached and what is causing them to die off. This site has everything you need to know about the coral reefs and how the change in water temperature can really harm them.


To get information on how global warming is taking effect, we used this website. It’s all about the different signs that help you detect global warming damage, like melting glaciers, heat waves, and warming waters. Not only does this site describe the different signs and effects of global warming, but it also shows a map of the world and labels what parts of the world have already witnessed parts of global warming.


To understand how the co2 emissions, came to be, we used this website. This website is all about the start of the Industrial Revolution. This is important to our project because at the same time the Industrial Revolution started, we also started to notice a change in climate, and since the Industrial Revolution was all about new production factories and fossil fuels running those factories, that’s when the co2 emissions started to rise, causing the beginning of global warming.

On this page, we found the literal definition of global warming and what it is. This is what we used to introduce the topic of global warming and make the reader familiar with the issue. It’s about what global warming is and gives information on both sides of the topic: whether it’s real or a hoax.

Stanford Solar Center
Stanford Solar Center

We used this source to tell about the heat and temperature on the globe. This is the page for the Stanford Solar Center, and covers the basics of global warming, including greenhouse gases, trends, and FAQ’s.

ScienceDaily: Your source for the latest research newsand science breakthroughs -- updated daily
ScienceDaily: Your source for the latest research newsand science breakthroughs -- updated daily

This website is like an online newspaper, and the specific section we used (Earth and Climate) is full of interesting articles relating to climate change. Many of these have to do with the CO2 emissions the industrialized globe is giving off.


This website was used extensively in our climate change research. It has many interesting facts on global warming and many were directly related to global warming, the topic of our discussion.

The Choice: Doomsday or Arbor Day
This source told a lot about deforestation and the effects on the environment, as well as the weather. Deforestation, as we’ve learned, is a huge problem and a relatively large contributor to the CO2 in our atmosphere and therefore climate change. It related population growth and talked about cattle grazing, logging, and the slash & burn method as well.

Environmental Defense Fund: Finding the Ways That Work
Environmental Defense Fund: Finding the Ways That Work

This is the page for the Environmental Defense Fund. This webpage has information on extreme weather patterns and their relations to global warming and the shifting climates.

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This article helped us see the “other side” of global warming, so to speak. The controversy is booming nowadays, and most people pick the side that seems the most appealing to them without looking at all the facts. This article helped us see the side that we didn’t choose, but kept everything unbiased and fair with a questionnaire to the so called “godfather of global warming denial”.

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This website was helpful when we were writing about the pros and cons of fluorescent lighting in homes. Fluorescent light bulbs are more efficient than incandescent and cost less for not just the company to make, but the people who put them in their homes.

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This website gave lists of items that can be replaced with “green” or more energy/environmentally effective products. This website was helpful and showed us a bunch of green products we didn’t know could be used.

How to stop deforestation image
How to stop deforestation image

We used this website to figure out ways we, as humans, could stop deforestation. Deforestation can be stopped by recycling, and stop supporting deforestation. More are listed on the page.