Global warming is a complex situation with many issues; issues due to mankind. We believe that global warming and cooling is a natural cycle, however due to our contribution to greenhouse gas emissions, it is warming more than normal making it a big problem.

Earth’s climate has changed many times in the past. Scientists have been able to put together a time line of these changes by studying ice cores, boreholes, tree rings, glaciers, and other ancient discoveries. Scientists have come to believe that reasons for these changes include changes in Earth’s orbit, the sun’s intensity and ocean currents. Also, volcanic eruptions, their ash clouds and CO2 emissions have played a key role. In the past millions of years we have experienced various ice ages and periods of warming, however in the past 2,000 years the climate has been fairly stable. Around 900 to 1300 A.D there was a slight warming in the eastern hemisphere, while about 200 years later there was a period known as the “Little Ice Age.” During this time the temperature was only 2°F cooler than today. However in the past 100 years, there has been additional warming. This period is known as the Industrial Era and is continuing today.

Since the industrial revolution, humans have been contributing substantial amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. These additions have changed the composition of the atmosphere. These greenhouse gasses make it thicker, keeping in more radiant energy and warming the planet. Global warming could be part of a natural cycle, but human’s contribution of greenhouse gasses has made it a big issue and is warming the earth too much. We are the reason the Earth is warming more than its supposed too. And by doing some simple things, we can help prevent it.

external image co2_concentrations-lg.gif

Temperature has been rising over the years along with CO2 concentrations in the air, both being directly related. Carbon dioxide
concentrations as well as temperature is substantially greater than other decades, which can pose a big problem.
These greenhouse gasses come from cars, factories and power plants, causing global warming to be human caused.

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By the definition of environmental pollution, the discharge of material, in any physical state is dangerous to the environment or human health. Alone 45% of global warming pollution comes from vehicle emissions. The United States is accounted for 29% of Co2 emissions in the last 45 years compared to the rest of the world! By cutting down on how much environmental pollution we emit into the air we can make a difference. Because there are no boundaries on when to stop, we should all come to a conclusion of what needs to happen. The burning of fossil fuels for transportation and electricity generation, forest destruction, and cement manufacturing industry are the top three largest sources of human caused carbon dioxide emissions.

The cement manufacturing industry is a rocky powder combined with water to produce things such as, buildings, bridges, roads, etc. These industries release large amounts of carbon dioxide, the most important greenhouse gas. Burning fossil fuels (coal, natural gas, and oil) has been a concern since the 1980’s however; nothing has been done about it. The employees know that when their demand for the product goes down, they get paid less money.

We can continue to increase our environmental pollution, or take action. Although, it will not be as easy to get out as we got in, it still needs to be done. By adding days such as Earth day, recycling, and cutting down on daily resources is just a little help. However, if we don’t take an action, we will continue to pollute the environment more and more, causing an increase speed of climate change


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