We take the position that humans are causing global warming. Humans cause global warming by burning fossil fuels, and clearing land to build. Most of the fossil fuels emitted into the atmosphere is created from cars, factories, and electrical power plants. The burning of CO2 slows the amount of heat exiting the atmosphere; therefore causing the temperature to rise annually. Trees and other plants remove CO2 that is emmitted, the clearing of land reduces the rate at which gas is removed from the atmosphere. While, yes natural factors do contribute to global warming, humans cause the most of the issue. http://www.nasa.gov/worldbook/global_warming_worldbook.html

Some farming practices can increase the levels of methane and nitrous oxide in the atm.
  • Many factories produce long-lasting industrial gases that do not occur naturally, yet contribute significantly to the enhanced greenhouse effect and "global warming" that is currently under way.


Our use of fossil fuels can create a large amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. Not all of it reaches the atmosphere, but is absorbed by the ocean. When the ocean absorbs the CO2 it cause the ph level to go down and creates an acidic imbalance. The imbalance can cause sealife such as small fish and plankton to be in short supply. The ph imbalance diminishes the supply of small fish and food for larger animal. This causes a break in the food chain that can be harmful to the top level predators such as the penguin and the polar bear. These animals are not the only ones effected by the change in PH. The acidic nature of the water can cause the coral reefs, based on Calcium Carbonate structures to disappear over time. This would leave many species’ without a habitat to live in and eliminate the islands enjoy