I think that we should write letter to the government expressing our opinion and what needs to be done to fix it. We can easily write a letter to the governer and have it passed up until something is done to stop/slow the process of global warming. The American people should use less oil and other fossil fuels. As a nation we use 865,000,592.4 gallons of oil a day.

With all the oil we use there are many things that not only the goverment but ordinary people can so for the polar bears, penguins, and the coral reefs. There are orgaizations aound the world that have been created to help these species survive.The govement can give a donation to organnizantions such as the Coral Reasource Managment, who assist in the development of marine parks to help the corals in the area. Or they could give to the Southern African Foundation for the Consevation of Costal birds, these people have saved nearly one hudred thousand african penguins from oil spills.

The goverment is trying to make a differece for the polar bears with the lack of ice shelf for them to call home. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) estimated that there were 20,000 and 25,000 polar bears that are swiming in the frigid waters at the top of the world. So the US goverment decided to set aside a huge peice of Alaska's Artic coast for a refuge for the species listed as threatened. This refuge would include water, island, and peninsulas where the polar bears can rest, hunt for food such as seals, breed and den. A disadvatage to the refuge for the threatened species is that the oil companies are no longer allowed to drill there unless they recive special permission.

The responsibility of for changing our climate is on all of us. We need to have actions both at a governement, and individual level. Our country can set an example by focusing on climate control. We can also work together as a nation to reduce our carbon output. If we can start to lower our usage of fossil fuels, other nations can follow along by our example.

It starts with the little things that you and I can do. From turning off lights to taking shorter showers our decision every day impact the world. Most electricity is created using fossil fuels, and the more we use the more CO2 we create and the faster we use our limited supply of fuel. By reducing electricity we can reduce our carbon footprint. There are ways that individuals can reduce carbon emissions, and governments can control industrial emissions. There are also many other things that we can do to reduce the carbon we use. When we use less electricity we create less CO2.

  • Reduce use of plastic by using reusable bottles
    • It takes more electricity to create a new plastic bottle
    • The amount of waste is reduced, reducing electrify
    • Recycling allows industry to reduce emissions
  • Carpooling
    • Less cars on the road reducing emission
  • Recycling
    • It takes less energy to reuse products that to create new ones
    • Less material sent to landfills and ocean dumping
  • Use less electricity
    • Take shorter showers
    • Turn off lights when not in use
    • Turn off computers and monitors
    • Use energy efficient light bulbs
We are not the only ones who need to take actions. Our government, working with other nations can use their influence to create a larger change. There are options, like the Kyoto Protocol, that call for reducing the amount of CO2 that industual nations put in the air. For nations like ours that choose not to sign, such as the USA, there are still steps that can be taken to reduce our Carbon Footprint.
  • Making laws that compel auto manufactures to increase the MPG that their cars have
  • Creating a limit on the emissions that industrial plants can generate
  • Create a credit for installation of renewal energy source generators, such as wind farm or solar plants
  • Install renewal energy in areas that have low electrical usage and create methods to transport the batteries to areas where the energy is needed

There are positives and negatives to every situation. If we install the reusable energy power plants, reducing our carbon footprint, it will save us money in the long run. The investments in such savings will cost a great deal of money up front. Such activities will take years to complete and even more time to show a profit. The investment costs should not discourage us. Our activities can save the world both above and below the oceans surface. There are many who people who feel that a pretty view is more important than saving our planet. This can cause problems with installing renewable energy where wind and people meet. Recycling has many advantages.
  • Puts less material into landfills, improving water quality
  • Recycling saves energy and can save money
  • Less materials end up in the oceans and landfills
Some of the disadvantages include:
  • Obstructive views in areas with wind farms
  • Initial costs for would be much higher
  • People and industries are reluctant to change
  • Lifestyle changes for individual take time

Our use of fossil fuels can create a large amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. Not all of it reaches the atmosphere, but is absorbed by the ocean. When the ocean absorbs the CO2 it cause the ph level to go down and creates an acidic imbalance. The imbalance can cause sealift such as small fish and plankton to be in short supply. The ph imbalance diminishes the supply of small fish and food for larger animal. This causes a break in the food chain that can be harmful to the top level predators such as the penguin and the polar bear. These animals are not the only ones effected by the change in PH. The acidic nature of the water can cause the coral reefs, based on Calcium Carbonate structures to disappear over time. This would leave many species’ without a habitat to live in and eliminate the islands enjoy