We believe that everyone on this planet needs to take action in their own individual ways by reducing the amount of toxins being used, reusing materials, and recycling everything they can so that we are helping the creation of new production. The only way we can get everyone to follow in these tactics is if we get the governments to take stand and pull communities together. Our governments need to take the lead, and hopefully, both people and other countries will follow. The prosperity of our world relies heavily on the economy, and a major part of the economy relies on agriculture. We must save our agriculture, so we must decrease the level of global warming and stop it from rising any more. We humans are the only ones who have the power to save our futures, and if we are to do so, we must take action now. By stopping deforestation, not using so much fossil fuels, reducing fuel emissions, recycling, and gaining support from governments, we could significantly change the outcome of life we are heading towards.


Deforestation leaves us with open land and at a lack of resources because we keep cutting them down. More than 50 percent of deforestation is due to humans. We use trees for heating, building, charcoal, cooking, and pounded into paper that we waste without recycling. Sometimes we clear out these areas of land just to reach oil underneath the earth’s surface. We are getting to the point where soon, there will be no more resources for us to live off of. In addition to this, when we cut down trees, there are less to change carbon dioxide into oxygen. The buildup of these gasses is called greenhouse gasses which get trapped in the atmosphere causing global warming. This leads to other problems that are hard to solve and take years to fix. We need to stop cutting down the trees and find other ways to uses renewable resources.

Fossil fuels are used for energy to help us maintain our modern lifestyles. Fossil fuels consist of coal, oil, and other natural gasses. We use these resourceswindmill2.jpg but they are not renewable, meaning we use them up faster than they are created. We must invest in and use alternative energy sources such as solar power, hydroelectricity, and wind power, because these fossil fuels not only harm the environment, but will not last much longer.
Ethanol has been suggested as an alternative to fossil fuels; however this also isn't the most effective idea. Ethanol fuel has a poor fuel economy, meaning that more gas will need to be bought, and more gas will need to be produced. This means more fields will have to be made to grow corn, land destroyed for farming use, more tractors will have to be used to produce this corn, which give off emissions to the atmosphere. Ethanol fuel production actually uses more fossil fuel than the amount of end product ethanol fuel produced. This is NOT going to help the cause of going green and lowering the level of global warming. We need to cut down on the production of ethanol fuels seeing that although it is an "alternate energy", we are and will be using a unreasonable amount of nonrenewable resources to produce it, defeating the purpose of the "alternate energy". We need to work harder on creating other opportunities to use other non fossil fuel using alternative energy resources so we can actually move forward in decreasing emissions. We need alternative energy.


Advantages of our action plan:
Our plan of action which consists of tackling the global warming issues and getting governments to take a stand and lead the way is an important part of our futures. This is action is beneficial because the governments will get involved and lead citizens to helping our planet. We feel that if the global warming issue is not taken head on, then it will affect agriculture, the environment, and then the economy. By stopping deforestation, we will not only be saving the environment and animals, but reducing emissions and it will push us into using less resources. By cutting down on fossil fuels usage and funding for alternative energies, we will be heading towards a new age of more efficient energy usage as well as cutting down emissions. This action plan is good and will help us move ahead because once the government shows interest in the topic people will realize its no joke. We need to stop caring about our possessions and start worrying about how our materialistic living is harming us in the long run. They say there’s no time like the present, so what are we waiting for? We have to go out and make a difference by impressing upon people how simple sacrifices can help out generations to come. Our plan might seem like we are asking too much, but do we really need the new expensive equipment we have? Or do we only need it because we have made it impossible to live without it. Supposedly needed or not, we are over using our resources. If we focus on the more important factor than all that will soon be forgotten and it won’t be essential. By taking care of the issue now with no more procrastination, the problem will be solved sooner and people will have more time to get used to the “Going Green” lifestyle.

Disadvantages of our action plan:
The disadvantages of getting the governments involved and making laws is that it will take some time and will cost money. People will have to start spending less money on novelty things and instead it into funding to slow global warming and living a "green" lifestyle. Convincing people of sacrifice will be very difficult, seeing as people have become very accustomed with their comfortable lifestyles, especially in the United States. By stopping deforestation, we will also have less farmland, however we will not need this farmland once we cut down on consuming, and we could start using resources proved by the forest instead.

So how do we accomplish these tasks? First off, it will involve sacrifice: all of these actions are going to need money, and who is going to have to come up with much of that money? Taxpayers. This means that we might have to give up driving around in our big fancy SUV's and buying our 16-year-old kids sports cars and always getting the latest technology as soon as it is released. Instead we are going to have to put this money that is usually spent on novelties and spoils into helping climate change: building alternative energy sources such as windmills, hydroelectric, tide, and geothermal facilities, and researching new energy sources not involving fossil fuels, and "going green" as a nation, and one day, as a planet. This sacrifice will also help the cause of using up less resources. If we aren't buying and throwing out and buying more stuff as often, then we will not have to use up as many resources. Less trees will have to be cut down for use or for farmland, since we will not be overindulging, and deforestation will be slowed and less fuels will be used up, all slowing global warming. Laws also must be passed to protect forests from deforestation. Gaining support of the government is an important factor. We need to bring it to the attention of our government that we do care about this crisis, so that they can lead the nation in taking action, and lead other nations as well, and one day, green will be global.

The idea of “Going Green” is an action that is already well known across nations. By going green we will be saving plants that release oxygen and take in CO2 which helps keep the air clean and fresh. Going green also depletes waste disposal sites where the trash is not able to be composted such as plastic, glass, and aluminum, so we can use this land for more beneficial uses. We can start using Green Cleaning products which are better for environment, use public transportation or carpooling to decrease fuel emissions, reduce pollution within factories by finding better ways of disposing byproducts (not into water or air), buy local produce cutting down emissions from transportation, don't use excessive electricity, and use alternative energies. All these are things we can do to help, to save our future.

The government can help by recognizing the importance and urgency of the global warming situation and making laws to prevent waste disposal sites, stopping deforestation, depleting fuel emissions and pollution, and finding other ways to save and use energy like solar panels and wind mills. Once ground rules are set other people unaware of the harm will catch on and start helping and hopefully other nations will as well.

People can help by informing the government that they do care about this issue and about how important it is to create laws about Going Green. Once we grab the attention of the government it will be easier to have more widespread spectrum of participation. We also must help by recycling, reusing, and reducing as well as using eco-friendly equipment like eco-friendly light bulbs, and other household materials. We need to support funding for going green as a nation, and promote using windmills, hydroelectricity, solar, and other alternative energies versus fossil fuels and ethanol. We must not support the production of equipment that has negative impact on the climate, such as cars with gas mileage under 25 mpg. We need to spend less on excessive possessions to bring down the use of our resources, and try harder to produce excessive emissions.