All of the information we have collected speaks for itself. Something is happening to our Earth, but it’s not the Earth’s fault. Sea levels are rising, ice Ice caps are melting, and animals are dying because they can't adapt to the rapidly changing climate. It’s obvious that our climate is changing. When was the last time it was 80 degrees in the middle of April? Since when do polar bears drown? Why are there ice masses as big as the state of Rhode Island breaking off Antarctica? We don't need to hear it from experts or information from scientists to tell that global warming is happening. But what's causing it? Many people know the climate is changing. People argue that it’s just the Earth taking it’s course and that everything is from natural causes. If it's from natural causes, then why is it happening all of a sudden? Isn’t it ironic that the climate drastically started changing shortly after the Industrial Revolution? What happened during that period of time? We started opening all of these factories and industries to make new products and inventions. But how did we power all of these factories? We used coal and oil. When pollutants like coal and oil release greenhouse gasses into our Earth’s atmosphere they don’t just go off into space and disappear. The get trapped in the ozone layer and thicken it. As many of us know, the ozone layer’s main purpose is to keep us safe from the sun’s rays. If it gets too thin, the rays are too strong and could really hurt us. But what happens if it gets too thick? Wouldn’t it block the sun’s rays from getting to the surface? Actually, it’s the opposite. The ozone layer is designed so that all of the rays get in, but only some can come back get out. The rays that get trapped is what keeps the Earth at a stable temperature that’s safe for living. If too many rays get trapped, the Earth becomes hotter. This is what we know as global warming.



When we thing about global warming, most people think about warmer temperatures, less ice at the poles and sometimes, rising sea levels. But have you ever thought about how it affects the animals? When the ice melts, we aren't just melting off part of a giant mass of ice. We are destroying homes to many arctic animals like penguins and polar bears. When we think of deforestation, we only think about how sooner or later, there wont be any trees, but never about the animals that live in the trees and use them to live. In the oceans, we don't see it as a bad thing that the waters are getting warmer, but how does it affect that sea creatures that live in the waters? Rapidly changing climates can kill millions of fish and plants that live in the ocean. We are the ones who messed up. We caused this problem. Why should the animals have to suffer? And the extinction of the animals and destruction of their habitats isn't just affecting them. We affect ourselves too. Believe it or not, we use these habitats just as much as the animals, whether were using the trees for clothing materials and paper, or hunting animals for food. So next time we think about the effects of global warming, think about not only the land destruction, but also how we're destroying life as well.


How often do they think about the animals? The penguins, polar bears, even whales and fish. Polar bears are drowning. “In 2004, biologists discovered four drowned polar bears in the Beaufort Sea, and suspect the actual number of drowned bears may have been considerably greater. Never before observed, biologists attributed the drowning to a combination of retreating ice and rougher seas." ( They inhabit the Arctic ice, but since this ice is melting because of global warming, there is becoming less and less ice for them to live on. That’s why Global Warming is so intimidating to them. It’s the same for penguins, even though they spend a lot of time in water. But the ice isn't just melting. We are causing it to melt. By releasing greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, we make the Earth warmer. That's why the ice is melting. We are causing it. We are destryoing the homes of these animals because we messed up and don't care enough to do try and fix the problems we caused over that past years.


Not only do the forests we are cutting down contain most of the trees that provide the majority of oxegyn for the world, but they also contain hundreds of millions of species of plants and animals; including millions we haven't even discovered yet. Medicines are mostly made from plants that derive from the rainforests, and the ones we haven't tested yet could even do something crazy, like cure cancer or AIDs. By cutting these forests down, we are killing animals and leaving them without a place to live. And without the trees soaking up the water, many animals will drown. Approximately 30 million species of animals live in the rainforests. In fact, according to, "One scientist has found more than 1000 different species of insects living in just one kind of rainforest tree." Since when is timber such an important resource that we will harm animals lives? ( Our obsession as humans with material things has led us to kill off our forests, which is having a terrible effect on the species of our planet. An average of 1440 acres of rainforest is cut down each day, causing animals to directly and indirectly suffer. (


There are a lot of marine animals dying because of the oceans getting warmer. Pollution is the main cause of this, as aforementioned, our carbon emissions are causing the earth to get warmer and the ice everywhere to melt, which is affecting marine animals everywhere. Fish that are used to being in cold water, and even the coral reefs are being greatly affected. They are getting bleached because of global warming. The coral reefs are kept alive by an organism called Zooxanthellae. Zooxanthellae are like small ocean plants that live in the tissues of the coral. They help give the coral all of the food and air it needs and get what they need from the coral. When the temperature of the ocean rises, even if it’s only a few degrees, the Zooxanthellae start to die off. Since the oceans keep getting warmer and warmer, all of these organisms are slowly dying. Since they aren’t there to give the coral food and oxygen, the coral reefs start to die and “bleach” as well. This is the same as the melting ice caps. We are causing the Earth to get warmer by our air pollution from factories and even the cars we drive. The warming air is causing the oceans to warm up with it. We are killing off so many species of animals even though a lot of us don't even know it yet. (