This website describes what global warming is and how many different variations of it there is. It also shows us how we can change what we are causing.

This website states that global warming is happening and for what leading reasons. “Global warming is now well documented and accepted by scientists as fact.”

This article was written by Anup Shah. It is about what global warming is causing and vis versa and it also gives examples of what governments, companies, international institutions, and other organizations are doing to try and fix the various issues, and the difficulties they are facing along the way.

This website shows that the glaciers are melting and causing water levels to rise and it explains that the glaciers make it so the people that live in the mountains rely on the glaciers for their source of water. This is a reliable source, 1,780 websites have linked to this webpage.

This website shows scientific information that the glaciers melting is an effect of global warming.

This website tells me about some of the many organizations that use donations to help marine life and penguins. Also It gives you a little blub about the organization and a link to its home page.
This website tells me more about what is happening to the coral reefs and other organisms that are being affected by climate charnge.
This website shows and explains what is happening to the coral reefs as the waters are warming.
This website goes over many different ways that contribute to killing the coral reefs.
This website is showing us what parts of the oceans’ are warming to the extent of killing the various coral reefs and other habitats beneath the surface.