This site will host this year's Global Studies climate change debate. As opposed to previous years, students will not be assigned to particular "sides." Since climate change and humans' response to it are so far beyond a simple either/or, pro/con debate, this year will involve researching the issues, taking positions on them, developing an action plan, and creating a database of links to valuable information regarding the topic.

Students, collaborating with team members, will create pages to this site based upon the following criteria:
Part 1 – Defining and Researching the Issues

What are the issues? What are the various viewpoints? Whose interests are at stake? How could these interests effect their viewpoints?

Part 2 – Taking and Defending Your Position

What position does your team take on the issue? How do you defend this position?

Part 3 - Action Plan

Who should take action? What actions should be taken? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this action plan? How could it be implemented?

Part 4 – Database

What online resources are relevant to your argument? What makes each of them useful? How do you rate their integrity?

Things to consider...
  • Did you closely evaluate the integrity of all sources?
  • Are all sources cited and with working links (if applicable)?
  • Are you consulting with your team members on a regular basis?

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